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The reason we patch test!

Posted on 17 November, 2016 at 15:55 Comments comments (0)

So..."The reason we patch test" the No.1 reason is to protect our clients.

 For our clients safety and comfort, all new clients have a skin test 48 hours prior to any of our treatments that would require this. This is stated on all of our price lists, website, social media sites and also at time of booking. Failiure to do the test (which we can also send out in the post) would result in the treatment being unable to be carried out.

Clients that have had the same treatment previously elsewhere must still have a patch test as products may be produced by a different manufacturer. Regular patch tests are also important as repeated exposure to a product can eventually build up a resistance and develop into an allergy.

If you worry about losing or upsetting clients by putting this into practice it is for their safety.  This is the correct procedure to protect your clients! Besides the clients safety, patch testing is also an insurance requirement and important for the reputation of the business!

My views on patch testing are quite strong which is why it astounds me when salons do not follow this procedure, something that is taught in all beauty training and ignored by so many!!

By Penny Mathers